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The Fellowship in Family Planning supports speakers who are nationally renowned family planning experts and are at the forefront of research and clinical care in abortion and contraception.

Evidence-based presentations are available on the following topics:

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What is the financial package?

All fellows are fully funded for their two years in the Fellowship for all required research, international placements, and masters programs. Additionally, fellows receive PGY5/6 salary during the fellowship and funding to attend professional conferences. Post-fellowship assistance with job placement and salary support for two years post-fellowship are also standard.

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Application information

Applications for the Fellowship in Family Planning are only accepted online. The ob-gyn application period is now open and will run through June 30, 2017.

“When you’re in residency, family planning and abortion are really downplayed. The training in this fellowship was so much more extensive than the limited experience many of us get in residency. And if you get specialized training, in these areas, doors can really open.”

—Dilys Walker, MD, University of California, San Francisco ('92)

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Why become a fellow?

If you want to develop superior clinical skills and become a leader in national or international family planning, the Family Planning Fellowship will give you comprehensive training and connect you to an established network of family planning leaders.

Academic leadership | Research | International leadership | Public policy & advocacy | Networking | Post-fellowship opportunities

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What is the Fellowship in Family Planning?

The Fellowship in Family Planning is a two-year fellowship focused on subspecialist training in research, teaching and clinical practice in abortion and contraception. Working with respected and innovative leaders in the field, fellows learn about clinical and epidemiologic research, develop clinical and teaching skills, experience reproductive health issues internationally, and establish a connection to a rapidly expanding network of family planning experts. During the two-year program, fellows have the option of pursuing either a master’s degree in Public Health or Science.

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Contact us

Email us for more information on the Fellowship in Family Planning.

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